Literature Enrichment Program

Did you know that there is a Literature Enrichment Program at Highland Oaks? The program has three main activities developed to engage young readers and encourage a life-long love of reading.

Several times a year, Ms. Lisa Lucas visits each class during their library time to highlight an author’s work or pitch books from a certain genre. This time is also used to promote lunchtime book discussion titles and to promote Book Battles. For younger readers, a story is read aloud followed by a few questions.

Four book discussions are offered during the school year to 2nd graders, 3rd graders, and 4th & 5th graders combined. Book discussions are held during students’ lunchtimes and students must have read the book to participate. Participation in discussions is optional.

Toward the end of the school year, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders compete in teams of the same grade level in a game show-like competition called Book Battles. A reading list is distributed at the beginning of the school year and interested students read each book on the list. Once there is a winning Highland Oaks team in the participating grade levels, the team will go on to compete against teams from the other 5 Arcadia elementary schools. The championship round is held at the Arcadia Public Library in June. Copies of the book battle list can be found below as well as in the school library.

Book Discussion Reminders:

The next book discussions are coming up soon! The sign-up sheets are now in the library and students need to sign up before the deadline. Students who wish to attend must have read the book before signing up.

Upcoming Book Discussions:
February 2018-

2nd Grade:

“The Storm Dragon” by Paula Harrison

Thursday, February 22

3rd Grade:

“Waiting for the Magic” by Patricia Maclachlan

Wednesday, March 7

4th Grade:

“Unusual Chickens for Exceptional Poultry Farmer” by Kelly Jones

Wednesday, February 28

5th Grade:

“Magic Marks the Spot” by Caroline Carlson

Tuesday, February 27

Book Battle Titles: