Important Message from Mrs. Mattera

July 31, 2020

Dear Highland Oaks Students, Parents and Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, empathy and support as we navigate our educational goals, responsibilities, services and instruction during these extraordinary times. We were so hoping to greet students and families on the first day of school, but unfortunately, that is not the case for now. Our hopes are that we are back to school in person as soon as possible. 

The Highland Oaks Teachers, Instructional Aides, Counselor, Specialists, Custodians, and Office Staff, are working extremely hard on preparing for the opening of school on Friday, August 14th.  These caring and devoted educators and individuals continue to thrive and inspire amid this global pandemic. 

On a brighter note, it is my pleasure to introduce three new additions to our Highland Oaks  campus. We are thrilled to welcome these three new teachers and look forward to working with them. 

Joining our grade 1 teaching team is Ms. Sydney Wallo. Sydney was born and raised in Arcadia and attended Highland Oaks Elementary as a child. She attended New York University for her undergraduate education, and then went on to receive her Masters in Education from Loyola Marymount University. She has been a substitute teacher in three different school districts, including Arcadia Unified. In the last two school years, she has worked at Hugo Reid Elementary School  as a long term substitute for first grade and second grade teacher. Her hobbies include traveling. She has visited eleven different countries so far and hopes to visit many more once it is safe again. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, especially if she can swim, whether that be in a pool, at a lake, or at the beach. She loves to read and enjoys books of many genres. 

Joining our grade 3 team (Job Sharing with Mrs. Matheson) is Robyn Lee. Robyn grew up in Torrance, but her grandparents lived in Arcadia, so she has many fond childhood memories of the city. Robyn graduated undergrad from UCLA, and has a MA in Literacy and Language Arts from LMU and a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from APU. She has been teaching for 11 years. The past 5 years she taught fifth grade at Holly Avenue Elementary and prior to coming to Holly Avenue her teaching experience included teaching kindergarten and first grade at an international school in Kyoto, Japan. Her past experience also includes being a homeschool teacher to a child with special needs, and teaching a college reading course at Cal State LA.She was on maternity leave this past school year, and is excited to return back to the classroom. She currently resides in Pasadena with her husband who runs an interactive game studio and her daughter, Zoey who just turned 1 years old. In her spare time she enjoys running, musicals, DIY crafts, traveling, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. She looks forward to meeting her students and their families and is excited about joining the Highland Oaks family. 

Joining our grade 4 team is Lisa Arnerich. Lisa was born and raised in Arcadia. She is the youngest of 7 children. She currently lives in Pasadena with her husband, 6 year old daughter Addison, 2 year old son Andrew, and two dogs Bentley and Lucy. Lisa went to the University of San Diego for undergrad with a BS degree in Psychology. She then went to Azusa Pacific for her teaching credential and Masters degree. She has been teaching for 18 years, 3 at Holy Angels Catholic School (Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 8) and 15 years teaching 4th grade at Hugo Reid. Lisa’s favorite things to do are spending time at the beach with her family, running in the neighborhood with her dogs, and playing golf when she gets the opportunity. She is super excited to be a part of the Highland Oaks family and to meet her new students and families.

In addition, we are thrilled to have Mrs. Janae Williams as our new ELD teacher. Mrs. Williams has been a teacher in Arcadia for the past 12 years. She began her Arcadia career at Hugo Reid as a Reading Intervention Teacher and classroom teacher for 6 years. She has been at Highland Oaks for the past 6 years teaching grades 4 and 5. Before her time in Arcadia, Mrs. Williams taught in San Diego. We are very excited to welcome her in this new role.

As we get closer to the opening of school I wanted to give you the following important information and dates. 

Please read carefully: 

  • Registration, Thursday, August 6th: Registration for all families will be online and will go live on Thursday, August 6th. Please be sure to register. I have included the link. Click on this link  Once you are in, click on Hawk Day Registration 2020-21 and go through the checklist. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Jenny Perez at Make sure you click on the PTSA and Designing Dads link as you are going through registration. It will update you on how PTSA and Designing Dads (Performing Art Program) is supporting the school during distance learning. 

  • Chromebooks and Classroom Material Pick-up Wednesday, August 12th: We will be holding a Chromebook and Classroom Material Pick-up Day on Wednesday, August 12th. All students must get a school Chromebook. If you have a school chromebook at home already, you will need to return it and pick up a new one on this day. After you pick up your chromebook in the MPR, you will go to your child’s classroom and receive a bag of school materials. This may include books, packets, pencils, crayons, etc. As the school year progresses, teachers may schedule other material pick up days when necessary. Keep in mind safety guidelines must be followed when you arrive to pick up these materials. A mask must be worn and keeping a 6 feet distance from others at all times is a must. There is no gathering or hanging out to socialize with other families. If you have questions for the teacher, they can be answered at the Back to School Event. Once you have your Chromebook and classroom materials you should leave the campus immediately. Please see the schedule below for grade level pick-up times. If you have more than one child please come during your oldest child’s pick up time. Please make sure you have your child’s student number with you. We need it to check out the chromebooks. See schedule below. 

Chromebook and Classroom Material Pick-up Schedule

  • Grades TK, K, 1 and SDC  8:30-10:00

    • Room 2 - Ms. Pena

    • Room 1- Mrs. Homan

    • Room 4 - Ms. Avakians

    • Room 5 - Ms. Hawkins

    • Room 6 - Mrs. Lee 

    • Room 3 - Ms. Duran

    • Room 9 - Mrs. De Leon

    • Room 18 - Ms. Wallo

    • Room 19 - Mrs. Scott

    • Room 20 - Mrs. Chang

    • Room 21 - Ms. Eggers

  • Grades 2 and 3  10:00-11:30

    • Room 10 - Mrs. Chaney

    • Room 11 - Mrs. Fey

    • Room 12 - Mrs. Salvador

    • Room 26 - Mrs. Phung

    • Room 13 - Mrs. Smith

    • Room 27 - Ms. Issa

    • Room 28 - Mrs. Hargrave

    • Room 30 - Mrs. Matheson and Mrs. Lee

  • Grades 4 and 5  11:30-1:00 

    • Room 22 - Mrs. Mejia

    • Room 23 - Mrs. Arnerich

    • Room 24 - Mrs. DeClerk

    • Room 25 - Mr. Homan

    • Room 14 - Mr. Harrison

    • Room 15 - Mrs. Kish

    • Room 16 - Mrs. Kitteringham

    • Room 17 - Mrs. Wayne

  • Class Placement: You can access your child’s teacher on Monday, August 10th by signing into PowerSchool. Please follow these instructions.

  • Go to
  • Log in using your parent portal account (used for accessing report cards at the end of last year)


  • Log in using your child's AUSD account:
  • username: 123456 (Replace 123456 with your students ID#)
  • password: (same as AUSD Gmail/Chromebook login)
  • A Virtual Back to School Event For Parents Thursday, August 13th: On August 10th or 11th you will receive information from your child’s teachers regarding specifics on the Virtual Back to School Event. The Virtual Back to School Event is being planned for August 13th for each grade level/classroom. Teachers will be reaching out to families with specific information regarding this event. We are trying to stagger the time for each grade level Back to School Event to accommodate families who have children at different grade levels. Keep in mind, teachers may send out a video/powerpoint/slideshow containing classroom information before the live virtual event on August 13th. 

  • The First Day of School: Friday, August 14, 2020 we will begin the school year with distance virtual learning. The school day for students will be 5 hours, M-F. School hours for Highland Oaks students will be 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. The 5 hours will include daily live teaching, check-in’s, recordings, whole group, small group and individual teaching, student independent work time, physical activity breaks, art, snack break and 1 hour for lunch (11:30-12:30 each day). Instrumental music will also be part of the 5 hour day once a week for grades 4 and 5. Teachers' work day is 7 hours. There may be reading support, ELD services and individual instrumental music lessons that could take place before 9:00 or after 2:00. You will be notified if your child is being asked to participate in anything before or after the 5 hour period. 

  • Internet and Wifi Access: Please click on this link and fill out the short (2 question) internet access form.

While this opening of school may be unfamiliar and unusual, the unwavering commitment to your students and families remains at the core of who we are and why we serve. 

In addition to updates from AUSD, I’ll be communicating with you as the school year gets underway. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at I can respond by email or I can call you. 

As always, be well, and be safe. We are looking forward to the start of a new school year. 


Patti Mattera - Principal 

Chinese Version 


親愛的Highland Oaks 學生、家長和家庭,


Highland Oaks的老師、教學助理、輔導員、專家、保管員和辦公室工作人員正在極其努力地為8月14日(星期五)開學做準備。在此全球性大流行病期間,這些充滿愛心和奉獻精神的教育工作者和個人,繼續地茁壯和啟發。

令人高興的是,我很榮幸地在此介紹三位加入我們Highland Oaks校園的新成員。我們非常興奮地歡迎這三位新老師,並期待與他們合作。

Ms. Sydney Wallo加入了我們的一年級教學團隊。Sydney在亞凱迪亞出生長大,小時候在Highland Oaks小學上學。她在紐約大學攻讀了本科,然後繼續在Loyola Marymount大學獲得了教育碩士學位。她在三個不同的學區擔任過代課老師,其中包括亞凱迪亞聯合學區。在過去的兩個學年裡,她在Hugo Reid小學擔任了一年級和二年級的長期代課老師。她的愛好包括旅行。到目前為止,她已經去過十一個不同的國家,並希望當情況再次安全後,走訪更多的國家。她也喜歡在戶外活動,特別是她能游泳的地方,無論是游泳池、湖泊還是海灘。她喜愛閱讀,並喜歡各種類型的書籍。

Robyn Lee加入了我們的三年級團隊(她與Mrs. Matheson分擔工作)。Robyn在托倫斯長大,但她的祖父母以前住在亞凱迪亞,因此她對這個城市有許多美好的童年回憶。Robyn畢業於加州大學洛杉磯分校,並獲得了LMU的讀寫能力和語言藝術碩士學位和APU的教育技術碩士學位。她已任教了11年。在過去的5年中,她在Holly Avenue小學教五年級,在Holly Avenue之前,她的教學經驗包括了在日本京都的一所國際學校教幼稚園和一年級。她過去的經歷還包括為一位有特殊需求的孩子擔任家庭學校老師,並在加州州立大學洛杉磯分校教授大學閱讀課程。上個學年她休了產假,現在她很高興回到教室裡來。她目前與經營互動遊戲工作室的丈夫和剛滿一歲的女兒Zoey住在帕薩迪納。在空閒時間,她喜歡跑步、音樂劇、DIY手工藝品、旅行、遠足以及與家人和朋友在一起。她期待著與她的學生及他們的家庭見面,並為加入Highland Oaks家庭而感到興奮。

Lisa Arnerich加入了我們的四年級團隊。Lisa在亞凱迪亞出生長大。她是七個孩子中最小的孩子。她目前與丈夫、6歲的女兒Addison、2歲的兒子Andrew,和兩隻狗Bentley和Lucy住在帕薩迪納。Lisa在聖地牙哥大學攻讀了心理學學士學位。然後她在Azusa Pacific大學取得了教學證書和碩士學位。她已任教了18年,其中3年在Holy Angels 天主教學校(幼稚園、一年級和八年級)任教,15年在Hugo Reid教四年級。Lisa最喜歡做的事情是和她的家人一起去海灘、和她的狗在附近跑步、並在有機會時打高爾夫球。她對能成為Highland Oaks家庭的一員,並認識她的新學生和家庭感到無比興奮。

此外,我們很高興Mrs. Janae Williams成為我們新的ELD老師。Mrs. Williams在過去的12年裡一直在亞凱迪亞任教。她從Hugo Reid開始了她的亞凱迪亞生涯,在那裡她擔任了6年的閱讀介入老師和課堂老師。在過去的6年中,她一直在Highland Oaks教四年級和五年級。

來到亞凱迪亞之前,Mrs. Williams在聖地亞哥任教。我們非常興奮地歡迎她擔任這一新職務。



  • 註冊,8月6日(星期四):所有家庭的註冊都將在網上進行,並將於8月6日(星期四)上線。請務必註冊。我在此包含了鏈接。請點擊這個鏈接。一旦進入之後,請點擊“Hawk Day Registration 2020-21”,並查看檢查表。如果您對註冊有任何疑問,請通過 Jperez@ausd.net與Jenny Perez聯繫。

  • Chromebook電腦和教室材料領取,8月12日(星期三):我們將於8月12日(星期三)舉行Chromebook和教室材料領取日。所有學生都必須獲得一台學校的Chromebook。如果您家裡已經有一台學校的Chromebook,您需要在這一天將它退還,並領取一台新的。在多功能廳(MPR)領取了Chromebook以後,請您前往您孩子的教室領取一袋學校的材料。其中可能包括數本書、數疊習題紙、鉛筆、蠟筆等。隨著學年的進行,老師可能會在必要時安排其他的材料領取日。請記住,在到達學校領取這些材料時,您必須遵循安全準則。您必須戴口罩,並始終與他人保持六英尺的距離。請勿為了與其他家庭社交而聚在一起或閒逛。如果您有問題要問老師,這些問題可以在返校活動中得到回答。一旦取得了Chromebook和教室材料以後,您應該立即離開校園。請參閱以下的時間表,了解每個年級的領取時間。如果您有一個以上的孩子,請在您最大孩子的領取時間前來。請參閱以下的時間表。


  • TK、K、1年級和特殊日班,上午8:30-10:00

    •   2號教室--Ms. Pena

    •   1號教室--Mrs. Homan

    •   4號教室--Ms. Avakians

    •   5號教室--Ms. Hawkins

    •   6號教室--Mrs. Lee 

    •   3號教室--Ms. Duran

    •   9號教室--Mrs. De Leon

    • 18號教室--Ms. Wallo

    • 19號教室--Mrs. Scott

    • 20號教室--Mrs. Chang

    • 21號教室--Ms. Eggers

  • 2 和 3年級,上午10:00-11:30

    • 10號教室--Mrs. Chaney

    • 11號教室--Mrs. Fey

    • 12號教室--Mrs. Salvador

    • 26號教室--Mrs. Phung

    • 13號教室--Mrs. Smith

    • 27號教室--Ms. Issa

    • 28號教室--Mrs. Hargrave

    • 30號教室--Mrs. Matheson and Mrs. Lee

    • 4和5年級,上午11:30至下午1:00 

      • 22號教室--Mrs. Mejia

      • 23號教室--Mrs. Arnerich

      • 24號教室--Mrs. DeClerk

      • 25號教室--Mr. Homan

      • 14號教室--Mr. Harrison

      • 15號教室--Mrs. Kish

      • 16號教室--Mrs. Kitteringham

      • 17號教室--Mrs. Wayne

    • 班級分配:所有家庭在8月10日(星期一)之前,都將收到一封電子郵件,其中包含有關如何登錄PowerSchool,以查找他們孩子的老師的說明。

    • 8月13日(星期四)家長虛擬返校活動:您將於8月10日或11日,從您孩子的老師那裡收到有關虛擬返校活動的具體資訊。我們計畫在8月13日舉行每個年級/教室的虛擬返校活動。老師將為家庭提供有關此活動的具體資訊。為了顧及有不同年級孩子的家庭,我們正在努力錯開每一個年級的返校活動時間。請記住,教師可能會在8月13日的直播虛擬活動之前,發送包含課堂資訊的視頻/演示/幻燈片。

    • 開學第一天:2020年8月14日(星期五),我們將以遠程虛擬學習來開始這個學年。學生的上課日為週一至週五,每日5小時。Highland Oaks學生的上課時間為上午9:00至下午2:00。這5小時將包括每日的直播教學,交流,錄製課程,整組、小組和個別教學,學生獨立工作時間,體育活動休息時間,藝術,點心時間和一小時的午餐(每天11:30-12:30)。4年級和5年級的樂器音樂課是包括在5小時之內、一週一次的課程。老師的工作日為7小時。9:00之前或2:00之後可能會有閱讀支持、ELD服務和個別樂器音樂課程。如果您的孩子被要求在5個小時之前或之後參加任何活動,您將會收到通知。

    • 請點擊此鏈接並填寫簡短的(2個問題)互聯網接入表格。

    • 一如既往,請保持健康、安全。我們期待著新學年的開始。     




Patti Mattera