The Incredible Team (Volunteer Opportunities)





We encourage you to be part of our Incredible team and get involved by finding the right PTSA Programs and volunteer opportunities that best match your specific talents and interests.  Sign-up to chair an event, or reach out to a committee chair and see how you can assist as a volunteer.  You can find the list of our 2018-19 Committee Chairs and their email contacts here.


**Please contact Hua Chen at or Steve Rhee at to sign-up, or if you have questions about any of the volunteer opportunities below.


BOOK FAIR: Volunteers organize a book fair fundraiser every other year.


CAN YOU HELP FOOD DRIVE: Volunteers coordinate collection of food, money, and scrip for needy families.


ARCADIA CHILD HEALTH COUNCIL: Volunteer attends monthly ACHC meetings and reports to HOPTSA. Arcadia Child Health Council helps children in need of medical, psychological, and dental assistance throughout the district.


DESIGNING DADS**: Funds music education through a variety of fundraisers held throughout the year. **Designing Dads is a separate non-profit and not affiliated with HOPTSA.


DIRECT DONATION FUNDRAISER: Volunteers organize the main annual fundraiser to support HOPTSA programs.


DIRECTORY: Volunteer compiles HOPTSA Directory and Handbook, which is distributed in November.


DONUTS WITH DADS: A fun morning to celebrate dads or someone special to our students with donuts, milk, and coffee.


FAMILY FUN NIGHT(S): Series of evening events having different themes: Family Math Night (volunteers coordinate math and logic-related board games, puzzles, and other fun activities for families and students of all ages to enjoy in the evening.), Family Movie Night (committee plans an indoor or outdoor evening movie event for the community), and Family Stem Night (volunteers coordinate hands-on Science, Technology, and Math (STEM) related activities that encourage creative building, designing, and experimenting. An engaging and fun evening for students and parents alike!


FAMILY READING NIGHTS: Volunteers plan fun evening events that include storytelling, games, and crafts. Families may also check out books and students may take Accelerated Reader (AR) tests as well.


FIFTH GRADE PARTY: Committee plans fifth grade promotion party with games and yearbook distribution held on the second-to-last day of school.


FIFTH GRADE YEARBOOK: Volunteers help publish a yearbook for fifth graders filled with pictures and memories of their last year at Highland Oaks.


FIRST DAY COFFEE: Volunteers help coordinate a welcoming social for the first day of school. Parents can enjoy refreshments, sign-up to help in their children’s classes, and get useful information about school programs.


FOUNDATIONS IN ART: Volunteers coordinate a visual arts program enjoyed by Highland Oaks students during class throughout the school year. Parents are recruited to help teach the art classes and to assist with the implementation of the set lesson plans.


FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: Volunteers provide access to the Highland Oaks library after school, allowing students and parents the opportunity to check-in and check-out books.


HAWK DAY: Chairperson coordinates with the Administrators and Designing Dads President to put a volunteer schedule together. The volunteers will collect and complete annual registration paperwork on hawk registration day, before school starts.


HAWK TALK: Volunteers publish a newsletter with information and reminders about upcoming HOPTSA events and reporting on important activities at Highland Oaks.


HAWK WALK: Committee organizes the walk-a-thon annual fundraiser for students with proceeds going directly to the school.


HONORARY SERVICE: Committee coordinates nominations for Honorary Service Awards for volunteers, who have given exemplary service to both Highland Oaks and the community.


INSTALLATION: Committee organizes installation of the incoming HOPTSA officers in the spring.


KINDERGARTEN WELCOME WAGON: Committee welcomes Kindergarten families with a weekend social, including refreshments and fun activities for the kids.


LEGISLATION: Chairperson relates any new legislation that affects children and/or schools.


LIST SERVE: Volunteer maintains HOPTSA list serve and sends out messages to HOPTSA members for upcoming events.


LITERACY WEEK LIAISON: Liaison works with teachers to organize events promoting literacy in conjunction with National Literacy Week held in late February/Early March each year


MEMBERSHIP: Volunteers coordinate the annual PTA membership drive.


RED RIBBON WEEK: Committee coordinates National Red Ribbon Week at Highland Oaks to educate children on the dangers of substance abuse and the importance of making healthy choices.


REFLECTIONS: Volunteers organize the National PTA-sponsored creativity contest for all students who want to participate.


RESTAURANT NIGHTS: Volunteer arranges Restaurant Night fundraisers to local area restaurants throughout the year.


ROCKIN’ RECESS: Volunteers provide additional play equipment and participate during morning recess for 1st-3rd graders.


ROOM REPRESENTATIVES: Room Representatives coordinate all classroom volunteers for activities such as library, computer lab, clerical help, and special events.


STUDENT STORE: Committee coordinates the sale of Highland Oaks clothing merchandise.


TALENT SHOW: Committee organizes auditions, rehearsals, and performances for the annual student Talent Show.


TEACHER APPRECIATION: Committee coordinates a show of appreciation for teachers through various activities and a special luncheon.


TRANSLATION – CHINESE: Volunteers assist with Chinese translation.