Designing Parents

Highland Oaks Designing Dads (HODD) is a nonprofit organization that started in 1998 by a group of dads in order to improve the educational experience of every Highland Oaks Student.
Since then it has evolved and now includes both Highland Oaks moms and dads. Its primary focus is raising money to fully fund the Performing Arts Program at Highland Oaks Elementary School. We have been able to keep this program in the school for the last decade.

EACH YEAR we must raise $45,000 through donations for the following school year to provide the opportunity for each student TK-5th grade to learn or experience singing, dancing, and performing.
Each year we will continue to fund the following:
- Grades TK - 3 instruction once a week and class materials.
- Show Choir for grades 4 and 5 (optional) before school two days a week and materials needed.
- The Spring Show at Highland Oaks.
- Funds will also be used to continue to improve stage lighting and sound in the MPR.
As you know the Arcadia School District is funding a NEW music program that started this year for all 4th and 5th grade students. Students were pulled out of class each week for one hour. In order to still have 4th and 5th students experience the performing arts program funded by Designing Dads without another pullout from class each week, we will offer next year to ALL 4th and 5th grade students the following as we did this year:
- Show choir to all who want to join.
- And 2 performing arts opportunities. Such as a performing arts related field trip and a interactive experience at school.
Throughout the school year, Highland Oaks Designing Dads and parent volunteer committees organize fun and exciting fundraising events for Highland Oaks families.

-Father-Daughter and Mother-Son events
-Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser
-Highland Oaks Designing Dads Golf Tournament, 
Auction and Dinner Night
-Highland Oaks Family Picnic

- Step It Up!
We are always in need of people to help with: 
- Chairing events
- Organizing events
- Set up/clean up at our events
- Graphic design skills and spreading the word for our fundraising events
- Assisting in seeking out sponsorships to help fund the Performing Arts Program
- Sound/Audio/Stage Lighting team
- Being involved on the board
Please let us know how you might want to help or have questions you can reach us at [email protected]
Follow Highland Oaks Designing Dads Facebook page @HighlandOaksDesigningDads
The Designing Dads Board thanks Highland Oaks families and the local communities for their continued support to Highland Oaks Elementary School and to the Performing Arts program.
Designing Dads 2018-2019 recap video
Designing Dads 2017-2018 recap video
Designing Dads  2015 Auction & Dinner promo Video
Purchase HD downloads of school performances
Support the school by purchasing High-Definition downloads of school performances. All videos were produced by Hawk Highlights, the student-run video production team at Highland Oaks. Proceeds go to Highland Oaks Designing Dads.

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